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We specialise in handyman repairs around your home/business

We specialise in handyman repairs around your home/business

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Dry Rot Repairs

Dry rot is prevalent through the PNW. Most homes over 20 years old tend to have some dry rot. The dry rot can range from surface level to extreme, where it causes potential harm if not taken care of properly. Since dry rot repairs range so much, we offer a dry rot investigation service for one hour at $135+GST. One hour allows us to determine the scope of the rot and we create a game plan on how to fix it with you.

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Drywall Repairs

Maybe you had some plumbing or electrical work done, and now you have an ugly set of holes in your wall. Or perhaps a past repair was never quite finished and finalized. We offer drywall repair and replacement services in Seattle and surrounding areas. From spot repairs to entire wall repairs.

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From toilets to faucet fixtures, We can install the right stuff for your bathroom or kitchen. 

Television mount installations for all your rooms so you don't have to wait on your next Netflix binge.

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What exactly is carpentry? This means door repair /replacements and window replacements to us. Or, heck, adding a window where you’ve always wanted one counts too. Snap-in flooring seems like a good idea until you do your first box and realize you’d like someone else to do it. We also install cabinets, bookcases, fireplace mantels, and anything else in your home that involves wood and a saw. Let us know of your specific project needs via our virtual quote form.

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Whether it’s pavers, sleepers, excavation, and plant install, just let us know of your specific project needs bia our virtual quote form.

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Punchlist Repair

Sometimes your home needs a little TLC or flatpack assembly. From small things like a fan that won't work to a fence drawer that won't close and through to dry rot, repair and replace the wax ring on your toilet or the toilet itself. For any small to medium-sized problem, just let us know what it is, and we can help ease your woes.

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Fence Building & Maintenance

For those small fence installations and repairs that don’t need to include a full fencing company, we are here for you. We help fix fences that are falling down, fence extensions, and some full fence installations as well. Our techs can expertly adjust any fence doors that won’t latch or close as well.

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Interior Painting

Do you need a room refreshed or brought back to white after your teenage daughter's red phase ends? Reach out for a custom quote on any interior painting needs you have. Please include the number of walls, the number of colors of paint you'll be wanting, and if you'd like us to paint your ceiling when you inquire.

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